“AirTaxi-Service” company was involved in operation and maintenance of helicopters for a long time. However, feeling requirements of the market, in 1999 we tried to satisfy these requirements and began to finish interiors of planes and helicopters with various elements and equipment. The enterprise has completely concentrated the resources on completion of aircraft interiors seeing that the demand for these services increased.
“AirTaxi-Service” company is a certified company that specializes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of helicopter interiors in VIP, passenger and cargo versions with the latest equipment. Self- development and production of interior elements provide an individual approach to each project and take into account all the needs of customers who bought the helicopter with VIP-interiors.

Our team

Alexey Kochetkov
General director

Vadim Mintusov
First deputy general director

Nikolay Komkov
Deputy general director of manufacture