Production department

The Company has a design bureau which develops a working design and engineering documentation for integrated interior of helicopter design.

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Aircraft retrofit department

Erection crews of department are located on a constant basis on UUAZ, KVZ and MVZ of M.L. Mil, perform outdoor service on repair base on all territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

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Manufacturing department

Thanks to technological advances and a broader range of machines the various elements of the interior can be manufactured: floor panels, window panels, ceiling panels,luggage racks, partitions, bathroom furniture, galleys and wardrobes.

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Technology department

Application of modern technologies and aviation materials in aircraft industry.

Service and after warranty department

Highly skilled specialists implement warranty and after-sales service speedily.

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Marketing department

Together with the “Russian Helicopters” company the “AirTaxi-Service” participates in all international exhibitions and air shows where the holding company is represented.

Department of logistics

Purchase of modern materials and components from international manufacturers of components for aircraft interiors.